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1944~The Heroics of Smokey Smith,VC : Student - Biographies

Smokey SmithPrivate Ernest Alvia "Smokey" Smith, recipient of the prestigious Victoria Cross, awarded for "conspicuous bravery or some Victoria Cross Medaldaring or pre-eminent act of valour...in the presence of the enemy".

Victoria Cross Citation

How Ernest "Smokey Smith won the Victoria Cross
 - CBC Radio Archives, 1956, Smokey tells his own story (4.14 min.) This interview is enhanced with images in the video below.

Heroes Remember - Smokey Tells His Story (8.14 min.)
Smokey tells the story as well as when he received the VC from King George. Transcript available to enhance audio or cut and paste for printable for classroom use. 

The Italian Campaign: 60 Years Later - Smokey Returns to Italy (2.52 min.)

Photos of the Savio River Today

P.I.A.T - Video (1.57 min.) 

Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank (PIAT) - Explanation of the PIAT

The Italian Campaign (2 page Summary from Veterans Affairs Canada, PDF download)

The book trailer video below has interesting images to enhance Smokey's from the CBC Radio Archives of 1956.