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April 2010 : Newsletters~Canadian


Did you remember to play an April Fool's prank on your kids this morning? Disney's Family Fun has a couple easy ideas.

The joy of Olympic victories may be fading as we look forward to spring, but not the glow of Canadian patriotism. We watched history in the making, as our country united in national pride. Seize the moment to build a sense of Canadian identity with your chidren!

by Vaska037, cc by sa, Retrieved from Flickr.


Olympic GoldWhere were you on Feb. 28, 2010?
We'll all remember the final triumphant moment after two weeks of Canadian Olympic glory! Vancouver 2010!

Homeschool student John Heslop shares his own sense of patriotism in the moment. Read this aloud.

Have your children write a poem, paragraph, or list of why they value being a Canadian. We'd love to see what kids are saying so send the work on to us!
Gold Medallists, Team Canada
by S. Yume
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Water Usage GraphicFun Facts~Water Usage During the Gold Medal Game  
In Edmonton, the city saw major spikes and drops during the Gold Medal hockey game.
“While the game was being played, water use dropped...but during intermissions usage spiked as viewers turned on the taps or flushed. During periods, consumption was very, very low." Mike Gibbs, from EPCOR, the city water supplier.

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Painted Faces, Vancouver 2010
by Duncan Rawlinson, cc by sa, retrieved from Flickr.