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April 2012 : Newsletters~Canadian

       April, 2012
     You are in the last quarter of the school year! Sometimes this is the hardest one in which to keep your children's attention on school work. You may wish to try some more field trips/videos or outdoor classes on the various subjects you are trying to teach! We have a video on our website about a unique place in Manitoba.
Slithering Snakes
    Where is the best place to find thousands of red-sided garter snakes in the whole world? You can find them coming out of the limestone caves in Narcisse,Manitoba. For six weeks , in April and May, they wake up from eight months’ sleep. 
Click here for the video to see thousands of slithering snakes.

Photo by Dan MacKay (source)
Online Research Organizers

These tools help your child organize and write reports/essays. Very helpful for any struggling writer who doesn't know where to begin.

A Titanic Experience

Alberta has an educational site with resources to help your child learn about the Titanic which sank 100 years ago on April 15. 
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