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April, 2013 : Newsletters~Canadian


Donna Ward/Northwoods Press

Spring Conventions

We love spring conferences and meeting all you great folk.  

For free shipping, order now for the conventions in Kelowna, Ancaster, and Abbotsford. choose the Pay by Cheque option, and include a message about pick-up at the convention. We will manually remove the shipping charge.

See our Conferencespage for where we will be. 

Kitchener and Alberta next!!!!
Africa Bundle
Ready for a trip?! Take an armchair excursion into Africa and delight with all the resources which make it come alive.
Canadian Geography for Early Elementary


This past fall we had a number of high school students 'beta' testingCanada in the Twentieth Century high school course. I was so delighted to meet Megan FriesenMegan Friesen at the conference in Winnipeg. Megan wrote an outstanding assignment of a letter from the trenches of World War 1. Her writing shows great understanding and research of what life was like for the men caught in this conflict. You can click here to check out her work. Megan's mom creditsExcellence in Writing as giving Megan the writing skills she has today. 
The 2nd of 3 CDs will keep your whole family toe-tapping to Canadian folk songs. Everyone loves this music.

Trans Canada Trail

Did you know that the majority of Canadians live somewhere close to the Trans Canada Trail? This would be a great summer to explore the trail near you. We are going to do it, and keep track of the km and trail portions we walk by signing in on the Trans Canada Trail website
Send us your stories and photos about the Trans Canada Trail near you.
Trans Canada Trail Mile 0
Photo of Mile 0 in Newfoundland. By Elijah van der Giessen
I love this 1900s story of a boy, a horse, and the coal mines of Nova Scotia. The DVD is so true to the book the combination is delightful for all ages.
Canadian Geography for middle and upper elementary.