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Artists of Canada's History : Articles & Resources

No artists in Canadian history have had the impact on the national psyche to compare with that of these fabulous painters of Canada's past. 

The story of Canada and Canadians they portrayed seeped into the bone marrow of millions of Canadians from the 1890s to the 1950s.

They would not - could not- put paint to canvas until they had done exhaustive, scholarly research...Their art urged Canadians to think...to do better, to be better...
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Trooper 1812, by Kelly

 Trooper, 1812 by J.D. Kelly
 The British soldier comes to say the Americans are coming. Make ready.  Notice the bandage around his head and the dispairing expression.

The Fort - Hider

 The Fort by Art Hider
 Notice the steam from the fort in the background as the trapper heads out on a cold morning.


Pioneers - Heming

 Pioneers by Arthur Heming
 Notice the use of light depicting a bright future as the men leave the dangerous waters of the canyon.


Champlain builds his habitation by Jefferys

 Champlain Consults on the Building of His Habitation by C. W. Jefferys
 Jefferys was scholarly in his attention to detail and costuming.