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August 2011 : Newsletters~Canadian

Donna Ward Northwoods Press
Included in this informative book are chapters on: -how money is printed and minted concepts surrounding spending money: credit cards, debit cards, etc. 


Canada is for Kids Vol 1
Michael Mitchell is a favourite school performer singing favourite folk songs and his own songs describing the history and culture of Canada.! Preview videos of his songs on the CD link.

 From the First Peoples of North America to explorations in space, from the CPR to the Great Depression, this game is a snapshot of Canadian history.
•For 2-8 players or teams
•Ages 7 and up 

-Explore the history of the world from a geographical perspective.
-Each of the eight maps contains the outlines of objects and characters from history.

August 2011 
Summer is half-way over and in a few weeks you will be starting a new school year with your children. We have filled this newsletter with free resources to help you in your planning. 

On the left we have included some fun products that make a great addition to your Geography and History courses.

Homeschool Planners: 
DonnaYoung.org has Homeschool planners and planners for every part of your life:Groceries,meals, etc. 
TheHomeschoolMom site has Homeschool planners,menu planners,chore charts, reading lists and more. 
Lay a map on your kitchen table and cover it with a clear plastic table cloth. Then as you and your husband discuss the news, the children can find the countries where it is taking place.
Tips for using Canadian Geography in your schedule: 
Use valuable sites on the internet that have done the work for you: ie:lesson plans and maps here on Google Earth.
Have your children put together world map puzzles.
Tips for using Canadian History in your schedule:
There are many good quality children's history sites that have self-directed activities such as:
Use the Canada: A People's History videos to review lessons.
Take a break from lessons and go visit your local museum. 
Have an older child read some of the required reading to younger children while you prepare dinner.
Charles de Salaberry
from the book:
(Open Library.org)
free e-books here
Geography has made us neighbors.
History has made us friends.
Economics has made us partners,
and necessity has made us allies. Those whom God has so joined together, let no man put asunder. 
John F. Kennedy 

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