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Bains Series: Ambush in the Foothills

Bains Series: Ambush in the Foothills

North West Mounted Police constable Patrick McNeil is buying a herd of Montana cattle to begin a ranch in the Canadian foothills. Jamie and Kate Bains join him on the dangerous adventure of a northbound cattle drive. It is a wild and dangerous frontier.

The cowboys who ride with them are rough and independent men. The restless Blackfoot Nation controls the territory they must cross, and outlaws lurk in the foothills waiting for their opportunity to strike. Only skill, determination, and raw courage will save Kate and Jamie if they hope to make it back to the foothills alive.

Ambush in the Foothills is the ninth book in Bill Freeman's best-selling series of historical novels featuring the Bains family. It is illustrated with photographs of the period showing the people who lived in the West and describing their work and their way of life.

About the Author
BILL FREEMAN is an award-winning historian, novelist, and screenwriter who has won Canada Council Award for Juvenile Literature.

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