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BC ~ Cottonwood House : Historic Sites to Visit

Cottonwood House

A landmark, Cottonwood House developed a reputation among travelers as a stopping place of high quality on the route to the gold fields. You can just imagine the stagecoaches clattering in and drivers, miners, and businessmen clambering down, dusty and rattled. The barns, fields and Cottonwood River relieved the freight animals of their burden and gave an opportunity to regain their strength. The “hotel” offered fresh wholesome foods as well as a comfortable rest in clean rooms. Both private and dormitory rooms were available and dinner was served in a large dining room.

The hotel was not the only business at Cottonwood. The Boyd farm supplied feed for freight and dairy animals and supplies for the miners were also stocked. Messages could be left here for others travelling or living in the area. News was circulated and a post office was established helping to make the farm a focal point of the community.

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