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Broken Blade, The

Broken Blade, The

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In 1800, 13-year-old Pierre La Page never imagined he'd be leaving Montreal to paddle 2,400 miles. It was something older men, like his father, did. But when Pierre's father has an accident, Pierre quits school to become a voyageur for the North West Company, so his family can survive the winter. It's hard for Pierre as the youngest in the brigade. From the treacherous waters and cruel teasing to his aching and bloodied hands, Pierre is miserable. Still he has no choice but to endure the trip to Grand Portage and back.In the process he gains self-confidence and proves that he has what it takes to be a voyageur

Best suited to older listeners/readers.

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My husband and two older sons(8&9) loved reading this book together as a read-aloud at night. They couldn't wait to read Wintering for themselves.