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Camp X (Camp X Book 1)

Camp X (Camp X Book 1)

From award-winning author Eric Walters comes the thrilling World War II spy series Camp X.

It's 1942, and nearly-twelve-year-old George and his older brother, Jack, are spending a restless wartime summer in Whitby, Ontario. Their mom is working at the local munitions factory while their dad is off fighting the Germans in Europe. One afternoon, the boys stumble across Canada's top-secret spy camp, and so begins an exciting and terrifying adventure as George and Jack get caught up in the covert activities of Camp X.

In the most exciting summer of their lives, George and Jack find themselves enlisted in the fight against the Axis. And they learn a frightening and important lesson: in war, everybody is under suspicion ... including themselves. 

Fascinated by Camp X and its secrets, the boys begin to suspect local townspeople of being spies. Is the police chief keeping tabs on people for enemy purposes? Is Jack's boss at the newspaper really amassing information for sinister reasons? The boys actually meet the master, William Stephenson, the Man Called Intrepid. 

Besides being a rollicking good adventure, readers will learn a little more of the fascinating world of spies, and a little of Canada's roll in training the spies of World War II.

Espionage & suspense will capture your tweens in this riveting series about the intelligence war in WWII. These are a great addition to the lesson WWII Secret Agents in France.

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To those who suggested the Camp-X series for my history loving son, Thank you! We just finished the third book in the series, and his reading has improved so much.