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Canada: A People's History Series 1 DVD

Canada: A People's History Series 1 DVD


Canada, A People's History DVDs are not available as DVDs but can be accessed through libraries, or through online streaming at Curio.ca if your school or library are subscribers. Check here: Curio Subscribers. If you cannot gain access to Canada, A People's History, please email Donna at info@donnaward.net for further information.

Episodes 1 - 5 (DVD Boxed Set)

These episodes range from ancient history and the stories passed down through native oral tradition to the first electric encounters between natives and Europeans, and from the wrenching battles that engulf the continent to the mass migration of Loyalists and the War of 1812. The dramatic stories of Canada's beginnings unfold on a spectacular, forbidding landscape.

Warning: Scenes unsuitable for young children in Episode 1 only with topics related to First Nations.

As "docudramas" this series is excellently produced. Real-life drama is interspersed with narration and character monologues. All monologues are taken from source documents: writings, letters and diaries. Each 2-hour episode is broken into numerous 15-20 minute segments. DVDs work well with Courage and Conquest: Discovering Canadian History when corresponding segments are viewed following the reading and study. Costumes, sets, and characters are extremely authentic. This series is highly recommended!

Episode 1: "When the World Began..." (15,000 B.C. - 1800 A.D.) 120 minutes
Episode 2: "Adventurers and Mystics" (1540 - 1670) 120 minutes
Episode 3: "Claiming the Wilderness" (1670 - 1754) 90 minutes
Episode 4: "Battle for a Continent" (1755 - 1775) 90 minutes
Episode 5: "A Question of Loyalties" (1775 - 1815) 120 minutes
Special: "The Making of Canada: A People's History" 80 minutes

See CBC website for full outline of each program. (cbc.ca/history)

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