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St. Patrick's Day has a long history in Canada. 

St. Patricks Parade in Montreal


One of the longest-running Saint Patrick's Day parades in North America occurs each year in Montreal having been held without interruption since 1824.

(Photo by Rosana Prada Source)

Flag of Montreal


The flag of Montreal has a shamrock in the bottom right as a symbol of Irish heritage as one of the founding peoples.


Toronto St. Pats


The Toronto Maple Leafs were known as the Toronto St. Patricks early in their history.


St. Patricks Day on March 17 is a provincial holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador


St. Pat's Baking

Wee Bit of Ireland Baking

(Photo source)


 St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Shamrock CystalsShamrock GrowSt. Pat's Crafts