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Civics Now

Civics Now

Grade ten textbook describes the Canadian political system and citizenship

Chapters include:
Unit 1: The Good Citizen
1.1 The Meaning of Citizenship 1.2 Power 1.3 Democratic Decision-Making 1.4 The Citizen

Unit 2: The Informed Citizen
2.1 Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities 2.2 Elections 2.3 Parliament and Government 2.4 Public Policy 2.5 Political Parties 2.6 The Judicial System

Unit 3: The Active Citizen
3.1 Political Participation 3.2 Interest Groups 3.3 Government Accountability 3.4 Quebec and Citizenship 3.5 Aboriginal Citizens

Unit 4: The Global Citizen
4.1 You as a Global Citizen 4.2 Who Makes the News? 4.3 Contemporary Global Concerns 4.4 Human Rights 4.5 War and Armed Conflict 4.6 Environmental Citizenship 4.7 The Indigenous Citizen 4.8 Democratic Rights 4.9 Global Rights and Responsibilities 4.10 The United Nations 4.1 Canada's Role in the Global Community

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