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Coming to Canada

Coming to Canada

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This textbook of 160 pages contains personal stories of 42 young people aged 8 to 25, who left their native countries to come to Canada. It describes their reasons for leaving, why they, (or their parents) chose Canada, the problems that they encountered on the way here, the immediate culture shock when they arrived, their adjustment to their new environment,the problems and advantages that they discovered and their opinions of Canada today.

It is a language arts textbook with hundreds of Topics for Discussion and Creative Challenges that will inform Canadian students about their new multicultural citizens and the advantages of living in Canada as seen by new Canadians.

This text is perfect for the new BC curriculum, Grade Five- Immigration and fills the requirement for primary source evidence.

Approved by the Alberta Ministry of Education (L.R.D.C.)
Recommended by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education 

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The first hand accounts of stories of immigration to Canada give the student a taste of the struggles people in other countries have and foster an appreciation for Canada. The stories are short, two-page reads which makes them suitable for Grade 5 lessons on immigration. Discussion questions and activities after EACH story challenge students to think about the immigrant experience and their own response.This book is a great tool for discussing immigration and primary sources of material.