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Comments from Homeschoolers : A word from readers

I just wanted to thank you so much for the workshop you presented at the Homeschool convention.  History is so much clearer for me now!  I especially wanted to thank you for your advise on "letting the kids read anything they want or read anything I want to them....even if it doesn't match our history theme at that time".  This area has been one of my struggles in homeschooling, but now I feel free to do whatever and that's a great big load off!  Thanks so much!  I can't wait to start reading the books to my kids and look forward to buying more...
Sophie Reid (the one who said that I could eat books for supper) 

Donna Ward's Canada, My Country was a tremendous find. This easy to use program makes Canada accessible. This program is about real places, real people and clear geography. The resources behind the program continue to engage my children years later.
Homeschooler, Ruth McCuaig, B.A. (history), B.Ed., Alberta

As my two children work in their books~totally absorbed~I must take this moment to thank your for your outstanding work. Both children have delighted in every page. Needless to say, their response overflows onto me and all others who are near!
Homeschooler, Jennifer Semper, Saskatchewan