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Courage and Conquest: Discovering Canadian History 7th Edition

Courage and Conquest: Discovering Canadian History 7th Edition

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    160 pages, 30 Lessons, Time Line Images, full colour
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New for September, an online course to go with the book. I will be teaching the content so you don't have to, and getting into the book with your students. Sign up for the waiting list. 

Previous 6th edition available as Ebook in PDF.

Courage and Conquest includes exciting living text geared for upper elementary, & doubling in pages from the past edition. Additional resources are still highly recommended to deepen the quality of learning but no longer essential to this independent guide.

Assignments with each lesson introduce the Six Historical Thinking Concepts for critical thinking. Colour time line pictures compliment each lesson. Historical fiction listed for each topic, both in print and out of print for library users.  

While this is most suitable for upper elementary, all ages can benefit. 

Planning Calendar PDF Download - printable planning calendar for Courage & Conquest

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See the War of 1812 Unit Study - works well with Courage & Conquest

Table of Contents

C&C Sample p 98

C&C Sample 99

C&C Sample 128

C&C Sample 130

C&C Sample Timeline Cards

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We are doing Courage and Conquest again with our second set of homeschoolers and are loving it! This is my 3rd time. Oldest boys now 17 & 18. It just keeps getting better!
I want to tell you that I have really enjoyed working with your packages. We are in the middle of Courage and Conquest right now. I like the flexibility and the ability to adapt it to different ages and abilities, and the fact that it is easy for me to put together additional reading from your list.
Danielle, Homeschooler
We have really enjoyed the easy layout of this course. My kids look forward to pulling it out and then watching the corresponding videos. Thanks!
I've been reading different historical fiction novels relating to Canadian history, that I borrowed from a friend, and my children insist that we must have our own copies of the books! I just can't say enough how much we enjoy history - especially the Canadian history. Thanks for helping out in making this subject the one most looked forward to in our home.
Homeschooler in ON
I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your Canadian History curriculum. Our children have worked through Canada, My Country and are now going through Courage and Conquest, Discovering Canadian History. They love history time. Thank you for the work you have put into the easily teachable, fun curriculum