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Danger on the Flying Trapeze: D.L. Moody

Danger on the Flying Trapeze: D.L. Moody

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  • Softcover
    144 pages
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Fourteen-year-old Casey Watkins wants nothing more than to escape his family’s dreary, bare-bones life in the Philadelphia of 1893. When he learns of an opening in Adam Forepaugh’s Circus, it seems like the perfect escape, and he convinces his mother and sister to join with him.

Then "The Flying Eugenes," a family of trapeze artists, offer Casey a role in their death-defying act, and he is elated. Flying on the trapeze is more exciting than he ever dreamed! The pressure is on-Casey has only a few weeks to learn the act before the circus arrives in Chicago in time for the famous World’s Fair.

Once in Chicago, the boy is fascinated by D. L. Moody, the dynamic evangelist who preaches to standing-room-only crowds in the circus Big Top Sunday mornings. Casey never imagined that church could be more popular than the circus!

But then a dangerous accident leaves him paralyzed with fear, and he runs to Moody looking for a way out. Will the evangelist be able to help him? The circus is counting on him . . . what if he falls?

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