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Rick M at Sourdough Festival

Dawson City Sourdough Starter and Sourdough Bread

This process takes all day, but the smells that will fill your house while the bread is rising and baking will make it all worthwhile. You’ll probably find that at suppertime you’ll sit yourself down with a loaf of hot, fresh bread and a pound of butter and wonder how you ever got by without sourdough bread!

Dawson City Sourdough Starter and Sourdough Bread

Origin: Dawson Historical Complex National Historic Site

 Sandy’s first loafSandy’s First Loaf 
© National Archives of Canada / H.J. Woodside Collection, PA-16141

The Dawson City Historical Complex commemorates the history of the Klondike, including the Gold Rush and the years that followed. Sourdough was an integral part of the harsh life of a miner during the Gold Rush. Sourdough starter was always available, either by borrowing some from a fellow miner or by starting one's own. Food was scarce in the Yukon and winters were long and lonely, so having some sourdough starter and a large bag of flour could greatly increase a miner’s quality of life.

Up in the Klondike today there are people who still share sourdough starter which originally came over the Chilkoot Trail. It’s a great living tradition to keep alive, so share and share alike – pioneer style!

Dawson City Sourdough Starter and Sourdough Bread




Recipe tested by Chef David Fairbanks, Algonquin College School of Hospitality and Tourism.

This traditional recipe was submitted by Parks Canada staff at Dawson Historical Complex National Historic Site.

Used according to permission