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December 2009 CA : Newsletters~Canadian

Donna Ward Northwoods Press
This is one of the most practical books to help your child do his best, and nurture a lifelong relationship of love and respect.. My kids are proof.

How to Really Love Your Teen
This book on teens gives specifics on how to express love in an appropriate way even when they are moving off on their own tracks. I read this again when each child entered adolescence.

My #1 most meaningful picture book, even if Dad isn't the one who reads (as is the case in our house).


Donna Ward
December, 2009
My children are grown now, and successful young adults. As I evaluate what resources made the most impact on our family, it would be the writings of Dr. Ross Campbell, so I have featured these books this month.   

I care about the next generation, and you, the parents who are raising these children so I am featuring these titles this month. Whether you get them from me, your local bookstore, or the church library, this practical advice could change your childrens future and your relationship with them.
Their greatest need.... 
Children, including teenagers, are constantly asking, "Do you love me?" The answer we give by our actions is critical to their well-being and development. 

We can inadvertantly fail at giving our children the sense of love they need. Dr. Campbell's wisdom in How to Really Love Your Child and How to Really Love Your Teen gives practical help so your child can be their best without putting additional stress on you.  

These books made such a difference for us in parenting, and for who our children are today
Mayzie with Dad
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Bedtime Huggy
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Two Moms comment on these books!
"My young daughter was difficult to put to bed, always jumping in and out and never settling. After reading How to Really Love Your Child I began to hold her at night instead of scolding. I learned how to fill her emotional tank. When I do this she settles without a whimper. This method is SO much better for her development. Thanks for letting us know about these books."
"I watched a Mom and adult son in great conversation. I asked her what she had done to have such a great relationship into adulthood. "Love him" she replied. The mom and her husband had studied Ross Campbell's books when raising their children. That convinced me there and then to purchase these books."
Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter. 
-- Brad Henry



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