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December 2014 : Newsletters~Canadian


Yukon Suspense and Fun.
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Merry Christmas - Blessings for 2015!

Yukon Adventures

There are strange things done in the midnight sun
      By the men who moil for gold...
Knock the dullness out of January
with mid-winter suspense and fun.
You'll love the Links with poetry, music and more!
Years ago in the dark nights of January, Donna entertained the family with ballads such as TheCremation of Sam McGee. Now there are also You Tube renditions. Donna has pulled together the best. There are even two audios of Robert Service himself. 
See Links above.
Send us photos of your family's fun with Yukon activities.
Always a favourite!
Sourdough - staple of Yukon miners. Authentic recipe here.
We now have Audio Books for listening to while snuggled by the fire or in bed. See links below. For more, go to the shop tab and enter 'audio' in search field.
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