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Etienne Brule (Amazing Stories)

Etienne Brule (Amazing Stories)


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The Mysterious Life and Times of an Early Canadian Legend

Etienne Brule was an enigma. But he was also a legend — even in his own time – as a scout and as a spy for Samuel de Champlain. Tales of his spectacular adventures, his outrageous behaviour, and his uncanny ability to be completely at home deep in the Canadian wilderness have endured for 400 years.


So this is how it would end. Tied to a torture post, suffering unspeakable torments, utterly hopeless. It was bad luck that he had become separated from his Huron guides and lost in the forest, but stupid for him to have thrown himself at the mercy of the Iroquois.

"Are you not one of those Frenchmen?" they asked him. "Those men of iron who make war on us?"

He denied it, shamelessly lying in a desperate bid to save himself. "I am from a nation much better than the French," he said, "and I am a good friend of the Iroquois."

Did he really think they would believe him?

He only hoped he could show courage right to the end. Courage, indifference, defiance. It was all he had left. He thought back to the Iroquois prisoners he had seen captured by his Huron friends after a skirmish. No matter how they suffered, they refused to show despair. Would he be able to do as much?

His eyes were stinging and his vision was cloudy, but he saw one of the men moving toward him, his arm outstretched. He tried not to think about what was coming. Then he realized that the Iroquois was snatching at the Lamb of God medal he wore around his neck, though he didn't know why he had kept it. He had turned his back on his childhood religion a long time ago.

But suddenly he had an idea. "Don't touch that!" he shouted with whatever strength he possessed, momentarily startling the warrior into hesitating. The sky was growing dark, a storm was moving in quickly, but the Iroquois seemed too caught up in their rituals to have noticed.

His spirits rose. Perhaps he could count on divine intervention to save him after all. 

About the Author

Gail Douglas, author of two books in the Amazing Stories series, began her career as an elementary school teacher. After ten years of teaching in her hometown of Sault Ste. Marie and in Toronto, she took over the running of a family retail store after her mother became ill.

She then fulfilled a lifelong dream by writing for a small newspaper, eventually taking over as editor. Her first venture into book writing led to the publication of 14 romance novels by Bantam/Doubleday/Dell of New York, several of which made the romance bestsellers list. They have been translated into more than a dozen foreign languages. Because the books featured international settings, Gail travelled extensively in the United States and Europe while doing her research. She now lives in Oakville, Ontario with her husband Tom, also an author with Amazing Stories.

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