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Exiled to the Red River: Chief Spokane Garry

Exiled to the Red River: Chief Spokane Garry

A great sickness has swept through the Indian nations, killing several of the Spokane tribe and many others from neighboring tribes. The faith of the Spokane is nearly broken when they realize the smallpox epidemic has killed those who believe in the Creator of All as well as those who don’t believe in Him.

How can evil men live while good men die? Why should they continue to obey the Creator’s laws if He takes away innocent lives? But when white-skinned men arrive with the Leaves of Life—a book telling how to get to heaven—the Spokane chief agrees to send Garry, his youngest son, to learn more about God.

Garry is confused and uncertain about the reason for his travels, but as he begins the first of four years at the Christian school, he soon realizes the saving grace of God and can’t wait to return to his homeland to share the Good News with the Indian nations. WHAT CAN GARRY LEARN AT A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL THAT WILL INTEREST THE REST OF HIS PEOPLE?

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