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February 2010 : Newsletters~Canadian


Donna Ward Northwoods Press
Who Killed Canadian History 
Classic read for Teacher's and Parents. You will be surprised at how your own education in history has affected your outlook.

Every Canadian youngster's bookshelf should contain this.

Amazing Story series. Among other info, this title gives good information about Sir Isaac Brock, one of our outstanding heros!

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”
--Pierre de Coubertin(founder of modern Olympic Games)

Donna Ward
February, 2010
Have fun with the living Geography activity below, our free Olympic Printable Worksheet and see our new coloured catalogue online or request it by mail.
Mapmaking and Cookies ~ Winter fun

We love the projects our kids make, but where do we store them all? Here is a project you can take a picture of and then let the kids eat it all up!!

Cookie Dough Maps will be a delight for students including the reluctant geographers! Try this fail proof recipe!Cookie Dough Maps Printable.

This recipe is also great for Valentines cookies! Have fun!

Cookie Dough
 Make Maps out of Cookie Dough
Photo by Red Daisies (Flickr) cc by sa

See a homeschool blogger's cookie map photos.
2010-2011 Catalogue
See our new printable catalogue in PDF.
Our New Catalogue is available online.www.donnaward.net > See "2010-2011 Catalogue" on left.

If you would like a copy mailed, pleasesend us a request and remember to include your full mailing address.

This is a two year catalogue so look to the website for updates.

Celebrate the Vancouver 2010 Olympics with this Printable Olympic WorksheetFind out about Olympic Competitors from other countries.
Go Canada Go!



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