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February 2011 : Newsletters~Canadian

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Donna Ward Northwoods Press
The easiest Canadian curriculum ever! No prep, countless books to order...written for K-Gr4.

Canada Animals Bundle Include Science effortlessly and use along with Canada My Country. Great readers for children in Gr 2.

Travel across Canada without leaving your chair!
Every book is packed with amazing pictures and descriptions of people,places and landmarks.

Beautiful picture books that
may be used along with Canada My Country. These are "keepers!"

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February, 2011
Hi Folks. We are updating our website, revising some materials, and have lots of new titles.
We are making your life easier! For purchasers of the newly revised Canada, My Country and Courage and Conquest: Discovering Canadian History codes in the books will offer access to digital downloads (and answer keys) of workbooks. Books and downloads will be available in February.  (For original purchaser only)

Our new Create an Account feature on the website saves shipping information permanently, and shopping cart items for a couple days so you can pick up where you left off. (Yup...we know about child interruptions when shopping online.)
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Photo by Mary Baxter. Retrieved from Flickr
Jury of six men at trial of Louis Riel. credit
    On July 6,1885, Louis Riel was charged with treason and on July 20, his trial began in Regina. What was the outcome? You'll have to find out! Answer on our FACEBOOK page. 
Historical Inquiry - Skill  #1 for Intermediate/Senior Grades

Evaluating Historical Significance

How do we decide what is significant history to study? Pioneers? Riel? Sir John A.? Marilyn Bell?

Determine significance by analyzing an event, person, or development against specific criteria.
Upper elementary & high school students can practice this skill with this worksheet. Download to see the criteria which helps us evaluate historical significance.
Listen to "Oh Canada" and learn more about our national anthem! One of many EZ links that can  be used with Canada My Country. 
Fathers of Confederation, 50th Anniversary Stamp of Confederation, 1867-1917
Heritage Fairs
Heritage Fairs are taking place across Canada and are an excellent way to learn more about significant events in our history. Prior to the fairs, a Stamp Story contest is held for children in grades 4 to 9. Children can enter their own stamp based on a Canadian event in the past. Click here to sign up and see winners from 2010.
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