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Ferryland and the Colony of Avalon : Articles & Resources

Pack up your windbreakers and join me on a virtual trip to historic Ferryland, NL. Then grab a library copy of The Dangerous Cove by John F. Hayes for a rollicking story of piracy and fishing admirals, 1676.

Ferryland harbour was one of the most popular fishing harbours in Newfoundland since the 1500s. The Colony of Avalon was settled there by the English in 1621, attacked by the Dutch in 1660, and burned by the French in 1696. 

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Map of Ferryland

Below: A view of "The Pool" historical harbour at The Colony of Avalon historic site.

Ferryland Harbour

Below: The replica kitchen at the Colony of Avalon.


Below: Discover the archeological site of The Colony of Avalon.

Below: The aerial video below starts at the Lighthouse where visitors can order a picnic. Can you spot picnickers? Watch for 'The Pool', the sheltered little harbour first used by fishermen since the 1500s. ?

Below: This incredible footage of a Humpback Whale feeding on capelin was taken in mid July 2015, in Ferryland, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Go on a virtual tour of the archaeological site of the Colony of Avalon with Dr. James Tuck.

Colony of Avalon Virtual Tour

Below: Ferryland proudly boasts being the birthplace of religious tolerance and the story of The Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church continues that tradition. Click the photo to read more....

Holy Trinity Church

 Photos of the harbour & the kitchen courtesy of Shankar S. on Flickr.