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Finding the Franklin Ships : Articles & Resources

The September 9, 2014 discovery of one of the Franklin ships is just the beginning of the story. This discovery is an momentous event for Canada. See what Peter Mansbridge has to say about why this is important. 

HMS Investigator - Cresswell

Samuel Gurney Cresswell. The Voyage of H.M.S. The HMS Investigator went to search for the lost Franklin ships, and became trapped herself in the ice during the discovery of the North West Passage... London, 1854.

The HMS Investigator settled on ice in the Arctic and her sixty-nine man crew were forced to abandon ship in 1854. The vessel was on its second mission to search for two other lost ships for ships lost under Sir John Franklin's expedition in search of the Northwest Passage.

In August 2010, a team of Parks Canada scientists, archeologists and surveyors, re-discovered the HMS Investigator. Parks Canada has lead the search for Franklin's ships, which could help prove the Canadian sovereignty of the Northwest Passage. Canadian rights (and future oil wealth) are being challenged in today's global economy.

The Franklin Expedition Map


A succinct explanation of the Franklin voyage and tragedy - 4 min.

Underwater images of the wreckage of the HMS Investigator discovered in 2010


Finding the Franklin sister ship, HMS Terror, Sept. 3, 2016.