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First Folks and Vile Voyageurs

First Folks and Vile Voyageurs


Do you think that Canadian history is dull? Boring? All about ice, snow and dead French guys? Well, this book tells you all the interesting stuff, including the parts your history teacher left out. It's horrible, hilarious and 100% true!

·         the Mi'kmaq invented a game like hockey - except they called it by the catchy name of oomchamkunutk!

·         the Vikings played a game using the severed head of an enemy as the ball!

·         Canada almost got named Transylvania!

·         John Cabot took his barber on all his voyages, but not his son!

·         many of Jacques Cartier's "settlers" were actuallyconvicts . . . because nobody else would go!

·         Samuel Champlain logged over 233,000 kilometres on his voyages - that's like 6 times around the world!

·         one famous voyageur, nicknamed Bras-de-Fer (Iron Arm), had a metal hand like Captain Hook's!

It's historically funny, eh?

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