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Fun finish to the year : Teacher - Veteran Tips

During my first years of homeschooling, plans of working through a unit study 2x per week fell short.

Years ago, I decided to use May for a concentrated study time using a unit from Donna Ward. We'd continue with math, then throw ourselves into a daily study with multiple ages!

This teacher mom and students have ALL enjoyed this approach and feel somewhat refreshed at a time of the year when it is otherwise hard to get to finish line!

This year I began Canada's Natives Long Ago with gr.7, gr.3 and a 5 year old.

Boys working on moccassins

My sons have picked out a nice folder to display their maps, etc. and we've been to the library taking out each book and video that is applicable.

It's a wonderful way to end off our school year complete with a planned trip to a local longhouse. This is wonderful versatile material for multiple ages!

(Christine - homeschooler mom for 15+ years, seven children ages 5-19)