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Grade 1: Canada and Communities (Mitchell Made)

Grade 1: Canada and Communities (Mitchell Made)

The Mitchell Made Courses have a quality literature base and are designed from a Biblical perspective to meet the modernized BC curriculum standards. All courses in this series can be used multi-grade as activities can be adjusted for various ages. Students will experience all 3 core competencies throughout each prepared course: communication, thinking, and personal/social skills. This course is particularily suited to British Columbia requirements. 

This Grade 1 Socials and English course focuses on Canada and local communities. It begins with learning our anthem, physical geography, and Canadian symbols.  Canada My Country is the base text for the Canada study and following are 5 picture books studies focusing on various aspects of local communities.  Recycling, appreciating the generations, valuing culture, helping those in need, and Aboriginal lifestyle are a few of the featured themes. English communication skills are embedded throughout and core competencies are practiced as the student engages in rich discussions and invitations to communicate their understanding.

The course is dependent on the resources in the associated bundle. You must acquire the resources by purchase or the library in order to properly use this course. 

All courses in this series can be used multi-grade as activities can be adjusted for various ages. 

This is an online product. The course pages are online and are not downloadable or printable. This allows you to easily access links to workpages or third party sites. Your access code will be emailed to you in approximately 1-2 business days. It may take a little longer in our busy conference season (April-May) or back-to-school season (August-September). The course is available for 16 months after activation.

Course includes: read-aloud suggested titles, oral discussion, grade appropriate writing activites, art fun and online links..

See bundle with resources used in course.

Grade 1 Inclusive Bundle


  • Month 1 (September) Learning About Our Environment
  • Month 2 (October) Taking Care of Our Community
  • Month 3 (November) A Cultural Community
  • Month 4 (December) Caring for Others in the Community
  • Month 5 (January) More Community Caring
  • Month 6 (February) Aboriginal Values 


  • Course Learning Samples Summary
  • Tracking the Learning Outcomes – Code Page

Grade 1 Sample PageGrade 1 Sample Page

Book Report

Mitchell Family“At my DL school I saw a real need for flexible grade appropriate learning packages in the area of Social Studies and Science. So often families didn’t know what to choose that would meet Ministry expectations but at the same time be light and doable for their situation. I therefore developed learning packages that eventually became known as “Mitchell Made” courses. My goal was to choose literature rich appealing material and design assignments that met the Ministry expectations with ease. With the onset of the New BC Curriculum I changed my old curriculum course designs to match the new standards and therefore Mitchell Made K-6 Socials is now available!”  Holly

Holly Mitchell lives in the beautiful Okanagan with her four sons, ages 19, 16, 14 & 10. She’s homeschooled each of her precious arrows, with the oldest graduated and now serving in ministry. Holly started working as a Christian DL teacher in 2005 and has over 12 years of experience navigating and mentoring families through the Ministry of Education’s expectations. She’s now Principal of a small DL school in the province of BC and has a passion for course development using literature rich resources. Mitchell Made K-6 Socials is her initial project which offers flexible grade appropriate instructions for meeting Ministry learning standards across the grades and subjects. Courses are designed with a Biblical perspective and are light and doable with flexible adaptive assignments.


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