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Grade 3: Indigenous Peoples Inclusive Bundle

Grade 3: Indigenous Peoples Inclusive Bundle

The bundle includes the Grade 3 course Indigenous Peoples (MMby Holly Mitchell and the wonderful resources to make this an interesting and informative course.

This Grade 3 Socials and English course focuses on Indigenous Peoples.  Canada's Natives Long Ago leads the study about North American aboriginals and two other book studies focus on aboriginals in South America.  Students will experience their first novel study and learn to appreciate Aboriginal history, culture, lifestyle, and diversity.  A wonderful salvation message is a bonus featured at the end of this course. English communication skills are embedded throughout and core competencies are practiced as the student engages in rich discussions and opportunities to communicate their understanding.

The Mitchell Made Courses have a quality literature base and are designed from a Biblical perspective to meet the modernized BC curriculum standards and is suitable for students of all provinces. 

Course includes: read-aloud suggested titles, oral discussion, grade appropriate writing activities, art fun, online links. 

Students will experience all 3 core competencies throughout each prepared course: communication, thinking, and personal/social skills.

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