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Grade 4: First Peoples & European Contact Inclusive Bundle

Grade 4: First Peoples & European Contact Inclusive Bundle

The Mitchell Made Courses have a quality literature base and are designed from a Biblical perspective to meet the modernized BC curriculum standards. All courses in this series can be used multi-grade as activities can be adjusted for various ages. Students will experience all 3 core competencies throughout each prepared course: communication, thinking, and personal/social skills. This course is particularily suited to British Columbia requirements. 

The bundle includes the Grade 4 course First Peoples and European Contact (MM) by Holly Mitchell and great resources to intrigue your learners. 

This Grade 4 Socials and English course focuses on First Peoples and European Contact. It meets the majority of the standards and big ideas for British Columbia Socials and English 4 standards with cross curricular aspects between grades 3 & 5. The main resources, Courage and Conquest andThe Kid’s Book of Canadian History, lead the timetable while all other resources integrate into the schedule. 

Course includes: read-aloud suggested titles, oral discussion, grade appropriate writing activities, art fun, online links.

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