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Heritage Collection: Trade and International Relations

Heritage Collection: Trade and International Relations

In 1904, Sir Wilfrid Laurier boldly predicted that "the 20th century shall be filled by Canada". In the course of the past 100 years, Canada has evolved from colony to Dominion to fully independent state. This volume traces the dramatic process through an examination of primary sources and focuses on Canada's changing social, political and economic relationship with Great Britain, the United States of America, and the wider world. What emerges is a powerful portrait of Canada's determined but occasionally agonizing and faltering quest both for recognition on the international stages and a distinct role in an increasingly interconnected global village.

THE CANADIAN HERITAGE COLLECTION explores 20th Century Canadian history through primary source documents. Each volume focuses on a central theme and is organized by decade to show the unique flavour of the period, its appearance and mood, the defining issues and events, and prominent people who shaped it.

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