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Historical Thinking Skills by Grade : Articles & Resources

Historical Thinking Skills can be taught to very young children and expanded on right through to adulthood. They provide critical thinking concepts to help students categorize, prioritize and analyze.

In British Columbia, the historical thinking skills are included in social studies in all grades. While the Grade level content below is geared to B.C., the concepts outlined are flexible for variable grade levels for all students

Grade 1 - Coming soon (Then & Now Bundle)

Grade 2 - Regional and Global Communities (Canada, My Country) (Skills Outline) (Full Doc)

Grade 3 - Indigenous Peoples (Canada's Natives Long Ago) (Skills Outline)? (Full Doc)

Grade 4 - First Peoples & European Contact (Courage & Conquest)  (Skills Outline) ?(Full Doc)

Grade 5 - Immigration, Government, Natural Resources (Skills Outline) (Full Doc)

Grade 6 - Coming soon (Africa, A Land of Hope)

Historical Thinking Skills

Historical Thinking Skills