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How to Really Love Your Child

How to Really Love Your Child

Written completely from a Christian perspective, this acclaimed bestseller helps parents manifest love toward their children in all situations of child rearing. It covers topics such as physical touch, effective discipline and spiritual nurture.

This is a book to reread every couple of years. Proven practical advice makes it easy to resolve issues and pave the way for a healthy future. One of the books that most made a difference in the Ward family and the results are evident in the lives of grown children.

Highly recommended.

"I am so thankful you came to our Conference. I was so encouraged by your session. I bought How to Really Love Your Teen and borrowed How to Really Love Your Child. They are great books! I would almost say the best I have read so far, because they are so foundational." Amy

"I attended a retreat and noticed a mother and adult son in deep conversation. Their relationship was such that prompted my question about how she developed such a bond with her child. In conversation I discovered that she had studied How to Really Love Your Child in a small group at church, and that made a dynamic impact on the family relationships. After hearing you speak about the books, and receiving this confirmation I purchased them right away. Thank you for recommending them." Betty

"My young daughter was difficult to put to bed, always jumping in and out and never settling. After reading How to Really Love Your Child I began to hold her at night instead of scolding her. I learned how to fill her emotional tank and every bedtime that I do this she settles without a whimper. She is not difficult; she was just running on empty. This is so much easier, more pleasant and SO much better for her development. Thanks for letting us know about these books." Heidi

"I just wanted to thank you for suggesting the above book. I bought it, my husband and I read it, and are implementing its principles. It has truly been a blessing to us. Thanks again," Laura

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