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Iyaga Game

Iyaga Game

Inuit children in Nunavut play a game called Iyaga. A hollow piece of bone is attached to another thin bone by a sinew cord. The thin bone  is held in the hand and the hollow bone is tossed in the air. The player must catch the hollow bone on the thin bone. You don't have to use bones for this game. You can make it with a pencil, toilet roll and string.


? toilet roll, or other cardboard roll, about 4 inches long

? art supplies to decorate your game (optional)

? a sharpened pencil

? string, wool or cord, about 17 inches long

? unsharpened pencil


Step 1. Paint and decorate the cardboard roll.

Step 2. Pierce a hole in the roll using a sharp pencil.

Step 3. Thread the stringthrough the hole and makea knot on the end, inside theroll. Tie the other end of thestring around the unsharpened pencil and make a knot.

You are now ready to playthe game. With the roll over the end of the pencil, toss the roll in the air. Try to catch it on the pencil. Goodluck and keep practicing!?


Click here for printable instructions  


Picture Source:Library and Archives Canada nlc-9376