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January 2010 : Newsletters~Canadian


Donna Ward Northwoods Press
Pierre has toughened after two summers as a voyageur, but is he ready for the challenges of a northwoods winter? Sequel toThe Broken Blade.

The Broken Blade
In 1800, 13-year-old Pierre La Page never imagined he'd be leaving Montreal to paddle 2,400 miles as a voyageur.

Find many great historical novels in the long list with theCourage and Conquest Canadian history study guide.


Donna Ward
Hello                             January, 2010
Welcome 2010! If you talk to us at conferences many of you will know my daughter Stephanie. Stephanie and Ryan were married on January 2, 2010. I am reminded again of the joy of family and the blessing we have to homeschool. Keep up the good work...it is worth it!!!! May God give you an upward and optomistic view in 2010. I pray for you and your family joy, courage and perseverance.
Canadian History Online Games
for snowy indoor days.
Dress Canada History is a fun game of dressing characters in correct costuming according to the time period and location.

Canucklehead Quiz is my favourite that is worth coming back to again and again.

Toussaint Lucas ditVadeboncoeur
is a soldier in New France. Join him on an adventure in defence of New France.
Art: Caroline Soucy
Parks Canada
Teaching about New France

Defend Quebec online resources help students learn about New France in different time periods. Print a free Soldier's Notebookfor keeping track of information. 

Famous Canadian Quotes:
Who said this? 
"I will reply from the mouth of my cannons..."

Heroism can take many forms. Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac, is the kind of swashbuckling hero of New France who leaps out of history. 
Listen first to the dramatization on 
Heritage Minutes Radio and then watch Governor Frontenac on Historic Minutes online.

Canadians have been so busy explaining to the Americans that we aren't British, and to the British that we aren't Americans that we haven't had time to become Canadians.
Helen Gordon McPherson



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