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John A: Birth of a Country DVD

John A: Birth of a Country DVD

John A: Birth of a Country is a political thriller, the story of personal hatred, public passion and a political poison pill. Only the fire of the conflicting energies of Macdonald and Brown could have created the Canada we know today. It is about about the passionate struggle between Macdonald, leader of the Conservative Party, and the fiercely determined Brown, leader of the opposition, which would become the Liberal Party. Both of the men spurred on by hugely different visions for the future of Canada... and a deep hatred for each other.

Set in the mid 1800s - '56-'64 to be precise - the English of Upper Canada (now Ontario) and the French of Lower Canada (now Quebec) battle it out to see who will change the shape of Canada's future, with the United States keeping a close eye on the situation, ready to pounce. 

The fascinating struggle between these two centres on many of the key questions that still asked in Canada today: What does the military mean to us? How do we define sovereignty? What responsibility do we have to each other?

Based on the book by Richard Gwyn, John A. The Man Who Made Us. 

Teacher Resource Guide has been written for use with students ranging from the intermediate to senior secondary level. Teachers can work through the Guide sequentially or focus on one or two individual sections. The historical thinking concepts explored are based on the work of The Historical Thinking Project.

Guide in PDF                 Guide in WORD 

Performances by Shawn Doyle as John A., Peter Outerbridge as George Brown, and David LaHaye as George-Etienne Cartier are outstanding.
This is one of Donna's favourite films.

Viewable by all ages. (Single DVD, 90 minutes, Closed Captioned, Region 0 )

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