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July 2012 : Newsletters~Canadian

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Donna Ward Northwoods Press
When Andre Bombardier arrived in Quebec around 1700 he was faced with winters unlike those he had known in France. A soldier, his determination earned him the nickname "Nothing Stands in His Way." 200 years later, that nickname would suit one of his descendents perfectly...

..he saw something white gleaming through the grass. He couldn't imagine what it was. Sam walked faster...It is 1915 and the Ferriers are the first settlers to come to this stretch of prairie.
(An Alberta story)

As Dawson City goes up in flames, Jason Hawthorn itches to join the new rush for gold in Nome, 1,700 miles away. He and his brothers have been cheated out of their sawmill, so when a $20,000 prize is announced for the winner of a race to Nome, Jason enters. 

Lake Erie was not to be trusted. And that was the dreadful truth, for at this moment the vessel nearing South Bass Island was going down....

Tonight, Willie was late again. Not until the last horse struggled to its feet on the slippery wharf did he realize the sun ahd almost set. He dashed a grubby fist across his eyes and started for home.
(Donna loves this heartwarming combo-book and film...wonderful Nova Scotia story-early 1900s.) 
     Summer is a great time to recharge, and also to plan your studies to make September a breeze when you get 'back at it.' Summer is also prime time for good books so we've included great summer reading.  

Engaging Active Kids in Reading

My sons would rather play hockey than read a book. Here are some tips I picked up to engage the active child in reading.
  1. While the child is busy with lunch, or lego, or some quieter activity, pick up a book and start a story.
  2. With large families, sit in the bedroom hall and read aloud to all the children at bedtime. Little ones fall asleep to their mommy’s voice. Older ones are captured by the story.
  3. To engage an older child in a chapter book, read the first chapter aloud until they are “caught”. Ask them to read a minimum of a chapter a day.
  4. Encourage reading comprehension with questions such as “What do you think will happen next?”  “How would you react if you were in the story?”
  5. Encourage your children with rewards for reading such as:  
  • a treat for every 4 books read
  • a new book for every 8 books read
  • stay up ½ later if reading in bed
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High School Canadian History
Canadian High School History is coming along and we think your students will love this course. If we're not quite ready for September, we'll release a 'beta' version so those students who really need it, can get started and give us feedback as well. 

Pricing etc. early August. Be assured Donna is working overtime (and obsessively)

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