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Liberation of Holland Canadian Experience DVD

Liberation of Holland Canadian Experience DVD

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THE LIBERATION OF HOLLAND is a dramatic testimony to the soldiers and nurses who experienced one of the dirtiest and most difficult battles of the war, the Battle of the Scheldt in Holland. The job fell solely to the Canadian army, which faced a grim task amidst the unrelenting rain and mud, while power struggles among the Allied Command only complicated things for those on the ground.

Meanwhile, we learn how Dutch families struggled to survive as the German occupiers became increasingly desperate to fend off the Allies, especially during the 1945 "Honger Winter" during which thousands of people starved in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague – a poignant and dramatic story few Canadians have heard. 

Produced by CBC's award-winning Documentary Production team, THE LIBERATION OF HOLLAND features a visually stunning mix of painstaking re-enactments and rich archival footage, including rare colour footage from the War. It gives voice to the men and women – soldiers, nurses and Dutch civilians – who lived through these historic events. And with the number of Canadian veterans growing fewer with each passing year, hearing this remarkable story told in their voices makes this documentary even more powerful. 

Also featured in the documentary is the special bond that exists between the Dutch and Canadians, marked by long friendships and annual memorial services that honour the Canadian liberators, and acknowledge the sacrifices of those from both countries who did not live to see freedom restored in Holland. 

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