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In the mid-1880s - only ten years after the lobster boom began - overfishing drove the stocks to dangerously low levels. The industry stared collapse square in the face. It was saved by a combination of regulation, cooperation and good luck and remains a strong source of income today.





Hinterland - Lobster (3.41 min)


Well I left my home this morning to fish those lobsters of the sea
My lucky hat is on my head, let's see what the day will bring
I got my bait and I got my lunch, I hope we'll see the sun
But there's three words I don't wanna hear and that's "Ain't Nary One!"

Ain't nary one when you're baiting on redfish
Ain't nary one when you're baiting on guts
Ain't nary one when you're baiting on herring
It's enough to drive you nuts
There ain't nary one when you're baiting on Rockstars
I can't wait until this day is done
I love this life on the ocean but I hate it when there ain't nary one

As I steam up to that first string and I haul that pot aboard
There ain't nothing in it and I know there's nineteen more
I grab that horny-boo sculpin and he sticks into my thumb
I slat him off into my empty crate 'cause you know there ain't nary one

Well I'm thinking about the bait bill and what I'm gonna do
I smoke another cigarette and I look back at the crew

They're looking in the wheelhouse thinking what else can be done
I turn away and then I say you know, there ain't nary one

It's a perfect day for fishing as I head out from the shore
And when I pull my pots up they're filled up to the doors
A man comes on the radio and says "How's the fishin' son?"
I grab that mic with a great big smile and say "Man, there ain't nary one!"