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March 2010 : Newsletters~Canadian


Donna Ward Northwoods Press
Canada's Natives Bundle
Study Canada's Natives this spring or summer. Crafts, stories, & project ideas make this delightful for learners.

Discover more about WWI in this favourite series

Two Ojibway sisters are rewarded by the arrival of the dancing of the northern lights.

Maple Moon
March is maple syrup month. In this picture book, the discovery of maple syrup helps a native village through a harsh winter.

March, 2010
I hope you have enjoyed the Olympics as much as we have. My little town of Ilderton is now on the map with the Gold Medal win in Ice Dance by Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue! Congrats to our Canadian athletes! We are proud of our northern country and skill on ice and snow!
The northern lights is another reason to celebrate our north. March is one of the best viewing months. See below!
John Babcock, Canada's Last Veteran of WW I
Canada mourns the passing of a great man, and the generation that asserted our independence on the world stage and established our international reputation as an unwavering champion of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. 1
See the CBC News article about John Babcock to find answers to the John Babcock & WW I crossword puzzle. See answer key
(Also view the CBC video links on the BC news page about John Babcock.)
John Babcock
John Babcock, Canada's last WW I Veteren Dies at age 109
Outline Map
Looking for a good outline map? We have answers here for you.
Blank Outline Maps

Outline maps of Canada and Canadian Provinces are at News/Reviews > Printables: Lists, Maps, Worksheets > Outline Maps of Canada & Provinces on our website.
Also see Outline Maps of the USA & States
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
This is a prime month to view the northern lights in the cold frosty air of the north. You can be awed by the spectacular display of lights through contributors' photos at Space Weather.
How do you explain this natural 
phenomenon to children? Click herefor an article to help.
Jan Curtis, one of the most noted aurora photographers, posts great photos of aurora types. (Good for science & geography projects!)
Northern Lights
Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska — The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, shines above Bear Lake
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