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March 2011 : Newsletters~Canadian

March, 2011
     Spring is just around the corner and with it- Conferences! We are looking forward to meeting you at the Conferences this year. Please stop by our table and let us know how your school year is progressing.
     We're pretty excited about our revised Courage and Conquest and Canada My Country. It is because of your imput that these are improved! Please keep sending your comments to us!
Laura Secord
"Were nations to review in peace their motives for having made war,
with the means they employed,and the method...they would in general find much to blame in a moral as well as military view...they would become better men and soldiers...but as nations cannot be brought together;it rests with governments to perform this self-examination,when, if they omit it, devolves on the historian."
Mabby, from Notices of the War of 1812 by John Armstrong.
Great Grey Owl-Provincial Bird of Manitoba
Fabulous slide show by Mark Dalpe (Ottawa) of the Great Grey Owl on the hunt. Click here to see:
Great Grey Owl
Conference Time!
Be sure to check our Conference tab to see which conference near you that we will be at. We will be at the Manitoba Association of Christian Homeschools Conference in Winnepeg, Manitoba on March 25-26. Hope to see you there!
On The Road North

On The Road North..

Travel to a port in the storm in Canada by another road,through a crack in the gate, and keep journeying on...
Travel on this road begun in the 18th century and hear tales of courage , idealism and leadership.
Student activity sheets and teacher resources are here that go along with "On The Road North"

Feature Books:
Courage & Conquest REVISEDClick here -Suggested new reading for each lesson
-Easy to read text and reproducible workpage
-Full bibliography with over 80 titles including historical fiction (now listed with each lesson)
-Visual reinforcement with line drawing and Time Line pictures
-Suggestions for further research for older students

C & C bundle #2
History at your fingertips! 
Save on this bundle and have reference books that can be used by all grades.  
A People's History DVD 1
Real-life drama is interspersed with narration and character monologues. Covers the years from the beginning of the world to 1815 .
A People's History DVD 2
All monologues are taken from source documents: writings, letters and diaries.Covers the years 1670-1873.