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May 2012 : Newsletters~Canadian

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Donna Ward Northwoods Press
Fulfills all Canadian curriculum guidelines for upper elementary grades. Easy to teach, no lesson prep needed.

Here is a fun geography book where kids have lots of hands on learning.

Cheaper than a road trip!
Discover Canada through beautiful photos and interesting descriptions. 
Suitable for any age.

This bright, colourful beginner's atlas presents both a topographical map and a political map of each Canadian province and territory.


     Many people rely on their GPS to find their way, but what happens when there is no satellite signal (typical with heavy cloud cover or amongst tall buildings). In downtown Vancouver, my husband laughed when his GPS sent him right.....3 times... he was back where he started!!! You may have met Karen at our booth this spring. When her phone (and thus GPS) died, she and her kids had to pull out a paper map to find their way. Even the most basic geographic skills are still needed in this technological age.

Geography Matters
Your students will be so motivated to learn geography after viewing this video by professional geographer, Joe Beacher. Click Here
Comment from student:
"My geography teacher showed me this video, I'm not a big fan of geography and don't really pay attention, but after watching this video, it made me realise how important geography is :)"

Geography Matters
Clipart Thousands of pictures for any Geography project.

Canadian Geography Games Put Canada back together in online jigsaw puzzles, play the Canadian "Who wants to be a Millionaire?", and more.

Finally in!!!
Canada: A People's History DVDs are back on our shelves after a long wait from the manufacturer. Order yours today.


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