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My Story: D-Day, Lieutenant Andy Pope, Normandy, 1944

My Story: D-Day, Lieutenant Andy Pope, Normandy, 1944

Andy Pope is an eighteen-year-old Second Lieutenant in a British infantry battalion. He is younger than many of the men in his platoon – something that makes it particularly hard to be their officer. But through fairness and with the guidance of a seasoned sergeant, he earns his men’s respect by handling his troops well on exercise, and leading them into battle when the chips are down. He’s put to the test when he finds himself in charge of a unit that has to keep Germans from occupying a strategic French town.

Each book in the My Story series takes the reader on an adventure through a pivotal time in history. The books, written in first-person, are both exciting and fast-paced. Author, Bryan Perrret, left the British Army to become a full-time writer. He served in the Royal Armored Corps, the 17th/21st Lancers, Westminster Dragoons and the Royal Tank Regiment. He is a military historian who writes popular histories based on meticulous research from primary sources.

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