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NB ~ Acadian Historical Village : Historic Sites to Visit

Acadian Village

The Village historique acadien is a tourism complex built around a 2.2 km circuit bordered with historical buildings, all inhabited by fully bilingual (French and English) interpretive guides.

More than a simple open-air museum, the historical site houses a vast array of characters that come to life by portraying the day-to-day lives and major events of Acadian families from 1770 to 1949, showcasing their customs, their creativity and, most of all, their wholehearted hospitality.

From June to October, visitors are therefore invited to take in the breathtaking scenery as they enjoy a wide variety of daily experiences: so go ahead and join the children’s day camp, spend the night at the Château Albert Hotel, sign up for a traditional Acadian cooking workshop, or just lie back and enjoy our many restaurants and cultural activities! 

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