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New Brunswick ~ Fish and Fun : Student - Province Highlights

New Brunswick is one of four Atlantic provinces on the east coast of  Canada. According to the Costitution of Canada, New Brunswick is the only bilingual province. About two-thirds of the population declare themselves anglophones, and one third francophones. One-third of the population describes themselves as bilingual. The capital city is Fredericton.

New Brunswick's terrain is mostly forested uplands, with much of the land further from the coast, giving it a harsher climate. New Brunswick is 83% forested and less densely-populated than the rest of the Maritimes.

Facts and Printables

Tiled Map Download (PDF) - Canadian Geographic

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Amazing time lapse video of the tides of Fundy 

Tides at the Bay of Fundy


Rick goes lobster fishing off Grand Manan Island

Rick and Lobster


New Brunswick Tourism gives a quick look at the rivers, Fundy and Acadia

New Brunswick Rivers, Fundy and Acadia


Samuel and Audrey gives us a look at the Highland Games in Fredericton

Highland Games in Fredericton


The Bay of Fundy with it's rich food source draws many species of whales to it's waters



Rick heads to Drummond, NB to try face-first rappelling

Rick Goes Rappelling in NB


Samuel and Audrey take us to Fredericton to check out some great sites

NB Fredericton