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New Course for Canadian History : Articles & Resources

Imagine if you could spend less time planning your Canadian social studies and more time doing the things you want. I’ve been talking to people like you, Canadian homeschoolers, for over 20 years. When I’ve shared my passion and stories of Canadian history, people have said ‘I wish you could come into my home and teach history and geography’. That got me thinking, maybe I could. . .

I have had this idea for a while and got started with the creation of our popular Guide to Government of Canada modules. I planned that series with a book reading, and then interactive online lessons which includes quizzes for your students, finishing with curated online videos for a rich experience. These modules have been super popular but we can do it even better.

So here’s what I’m thinking and I want your feedback.

First the background, we’re launching a brand new website that includes a learning platform where we can post courses which include multifaceted learning - not just online videos. It would include lessons with video, audio of the book text, quizzes, and our Easylinks curated video links right on the lesson page. It could include live online interaction. 

Presently, I’m working on a course for Courage & Conquest 7th edition: Discovering Canadian History for Grades 4-9. It’s a full year so we’ll split it in two sections to give people more flexibility.I could add activities for the little folk as well if people wanted it. 

There will be a lesson introduction video, audio of the lesson content, video explaining the Historical Thinking Concept and the student assignment, valuable Christian content and Scripture pertinent to the lesson, encouragement to dive into suggested literature, and curated Easylink videos right on the lesson page. All facets of the lesson would be separate links so families can choose what parts work best for them but with easy navigation and not an overload of information.

The whole family can participate. 

If you choose to jump in as a founding member, you’ll get the amazing discount price of $70 for Series 1 - 14 lessons (only $5 a lesson). You'll also need the book Courage & Conquest 7th Edition for $44.95. As founding members you’ll get the same discount ($5 per lesson) for Series 2 with 16 lessons for $80.

This offer will only be available until Sunday, May 24 as I just need a small working group to perfect the concepts. You will have a chance to influence the course creation with your valuable ideas and feedback.

It’s my goal to have this course ready for September. You would give feedback over the next few months, and then have early bird access before the course fully rolls out.

If you are interested, you want more information email me at info@donnaward.net.
If you trust me and want to jump right in, grab the offer here