March 2016

Fun for St. Patrick's Day

February 2016

Conference news and interesting video about igloos

January 2016

Printable maps, puzzles, online geography game

December 2015

Toddler resources and snowflakes

November 2015

Magna Carta & kid's mailboxes

October 2015

Elections and ski passes

August 2015

Elections - use the teachable moments, and bird quizzes.

July 2015

Explore the Northwest Territories as you discover ice planes and bush planes, the wild Nahanni River or the mammoth Wood Buffalo National Park, and top your tour off with a night show of lights.

June 2015

Lobster fishing & games!

May 2015

Secret agents and Saskatchewan

March 2015

Explore Quebec resources

February 2015

Black History Month and a great free new resource from Compassion Canada

January 2015 - 3

The Men That Don't Fit In and Jack London

January 2015 - 2

Cremation of Sam McGee and more

January 2015

Ballad a week for January - Spell of the Yukon

December 2014

Great links to Robert Service poems your family will love

November 2014

Remembrance Day and Exploring B.C.

September 2014

Franklin Ship Found!

August 2014

History beneath the sea and more...

June 2014

Resources and videos to help you teach about Canada's government

May 2014

Cowboys, oil & parks pass

April 2014

Lobster & potatoes! Guess the province!

March 2014

What do polar bears, garter snakes and Flin Flon have in common?

January 2014

Nunavut highlights

December 2013

Printables, online games, Heritage Minutes

November 2013


October 2013

Citizenship Challenge & Provincial Birds Quizzes

August 2013

Project Ojibwa - Submarine Museum

July 2013

Birch bark basket - make a real one!

June 2013

A great book is slated for reprint - we thought it would be out of print!

May, 2013

Get a free lesson download with one of the six Historical Thinking Skills

April, 2013

Conference and Friends

February, 2013

Classic Canadian History

January, 2013

Cookie Dough Maps and Conferences

November 2012

Novel study and mega maps

October 2012

New War of 1812 Unit Study & Timeline

September 2012

Crosswords, winners and Summit Series

August 2012

High School History and more

July 2012

Stories for Summer

June 2012

War of 1812/Summer Activities

May 2012

Geography Matters

April 2012

Slithering Snake, Essay Helps, The Titanic

March 2012

Shamrock Crystals and more

February 2012

Cool Web Tools, Ice Gems and Prizes

January 2012

$100 Shopping Spree, New Editions, and the Northern Lights live...

December 2011

Christmas Island, NS is known around the world, and a modern gold rush in the Yukon is sparked by prospector, Shawn Ryan

November 2011

Free web tool for your class and surveys....tell us what YOU want!

October 2011

Getting ready to remember...November 11th printable and story

September 2011


August 2011

Planning tips

July 2011


May 2011

Election News and Celebrate Canadian Freedom

April 2011

Current Events - Teachable Moments

March 2011

New Courage & Conquest and Conferences

February 2011

Listen to O Canada online and more

January 2011

Updates and laughter

December 2010

Christmas wonder & Geography links

November 2010

Snowflake Fun and WWII

October 2010

Heroes of Yore and Lore Printable Worksheets and a Free Prime Ministers Study Kit for High School.

September 2010

Canada gets a new Governor General. See our Free Printables to help you learn about this duties and history of this important office.

August 2010

Planning tips & Reading Logs

July 2010

Reading Guides and customizable worksheets! Great resources for learning!

June 2010

Reading guides for Living Books will enhance your study for the fall.

May 2010

National Park Passes for Grade 8 Students and the Five Themes of Geography

April 2010

Enjoying the Olympic glow and national pride...let's sieze the moment!

March 2010

Celebrate the beauty of the Northern Lights, and find quick blank outline maps in our March newsletter.

February 2010

Cookie Dough Maps and an Olympic Printable Worksheet for fun Geography lessons!

January 2010

Canadian online games & time travel to New France

December 2009 CA

Find out about really great parenting resources, proven and successful!

November 2009 CA

How Will You Remember? Stories bring alive the memory of our veterans. Answer key for Geography available.

October 2009 CA

Questions from the Great Canadian Geography Challenge will be fun for everyone for daily quizzes.

September 2009 CA

Geocaching is catching on with homeschoolers. It is an exciting high-tech educational treasure hunt.

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