String Trick (Cats Cradle) Tutorials

Short how to do videos show you all kinds of neat string

Making a Birch Bark Basket - Video

Create a real birch bark basket for decoration.

Royal Canadian Navy Paper Model Ships

Both fun and educational, Royal Canadian Navy Paper Model Ships in Simplified and Advanced versions

Pioneer Booklet

A printable booklet about the pioneers for the grade three level.

Iyaga Game

Make Your Own Iyaga Game

Make Your Own Thaumatrope

Create a simple optical illusion

Pioneer Crafts

Have fun with these easy pioneer crafts


A real day, real time treasure hunt that'll keep your kids jumping...

Winter~Snow Art

Cut out six-sided snowflakes or make a self-sticking snowflake using real snowflake patterns.

Winter~Real Snowflake Patterns

Photographs of real snowflakes help children discover real designs for snow art.

Winter~Snowflake Watching

Get an online guide to snow crystals learn to identify snowflake shapes.

Geography Quizzes

The challenge helps every student brush up on knowledge, and its fun! Here are some quizzes to increase your knowledge.

Pretend Passport Printables

Print this pretend passport for studying world geography ~ Canadian and American pretend passports

Canada Map Printables

Check in with a travelling family and download printable maps of Canada

Winter~Snowflake in a Jar

Create a little of your own weather by making this snowflake in a jar.

Geography Links

Donna Ward/Northwoods Press brings you tried and tested exciting geography links for games, quizzes, and great information. This will enhance every geography study including Canadian History and Geography.

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