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November 2012 : Newsletters~Canadian


New Courses and mega maps
Donna Ward-Northwoods Press

We've been busy!!!!

We're glad to finally offer our high school history course for the January semester. Our beta testers have submitted some great assignments to benefit new users with sample work. 
I've had fun creating things like a Google Earth Tour of Ortona, Italy to follow Canadian forces in World War II. 

Here's what students are saying:
I'm really enjoying your course. History isn't usually my favourite subject but this year it is! Megan

I did three unit quizzes for my Canada studies I got 84%, 91%, and 79%! Bradon

You asked...we answered!

Legends of the Lake on the Mountain Novel Study

We're pleased to announce the publication of a wonderful novel study based on Roderick Benn's book Legends of the Lake on the Mountain, An Early Adventure of John A. Macdonald.

Author, Rebekah Allen, carefully formulated content questions with an emphasis on comprehension, literary elements, and social studies. Word lists and enrichment activities included. Workpages are reproducible for the original purchaser.

This is a cross-curricular study great for middle school level. You and your students will love this!

Canada in the 20th Century

High School History Course
NOW READY for January, 2013


Mega Maps
Download and print pages to make a wall map (136 pages) or table map (8 pages).
Scroll down on the NG website for easy links to downloads.
This one is a WINNER!!!